Travel Assistance:   Travel assistance is a term much use throughout  the world which refers to a service which provides help, primarily in medical emergencies during travel.


Travel assistance is different from  medicaltravel or trip cancellation insurance. Travel assistance programs arrange and pay for members away from home (usually a set distance of 100 miles or so, varying by provider) to find and obtain emergency medical care in an unfamiliar place, and to return to members home when stabilized.


When travelers experience a medical emergency, they can call us to receive help by calling us first, or after the individual has been taken by local emergency services to the hospital.


DC Global Travel assistance representative talks with the member and/or any medical providers that may be involved, and makes recommendations based on the details. Our Medical personnel for DC Global Travel make health care decisions in conjunction with the local treating physicians. Any variety of resources may be called into play to solve a travel medical challenge.


Travel assistance provides support services in case of an emergency while traveling.


Travel insurance provides monetary compensation for losses that occur while traveling.


Travel assistance enables travelers to have support and assistance on the ground and immediately in the case of an emergency, Travel assistance is an assistance services plan, provides a direct service at the time of the event. Travel assistance plans are relatively affordable, and unlike travel insurance, you pay a set rate that isn’t based on the cost of your trip


Some of the travel assistance services can be On Call, what they provide are emergency medical evacuation; immediate travel arrangements for a member, travel companion and family in the case of a medical emergency; prescription replacement if lost or forgotten while traveling; worldwide medical, dental, pharmacy and legal referrals; and assistance with emergency travel funds. In addition, the travel assistance services include cash advances and credit card replacement, delayed baggage compensation, language translation, lost document replacement assistance, legal assistance, including bail bond and the return of deceased remains

Travel assistance provides:  

Travel insurance provides reimbursement for:

Lost or delayed baggage tracking

Access to a medical help line

Emergency medical evacuation and



Emergency travel arrangements

Replacing lost or forgotten prescriptions

Legal, medical, dental and pharmaceutical referrals


Emergency cash advances and credit card replacement

Multi-lingual translation


Lost or stolen baggage and the

costs related to delayed baggage

Unexpected costs due to missed

connections and travel delays


Pre-paid travel costs if the trip

is canceled or interrupted for a

covered reason Flight accidents,

loss of life or limb


Costs related to replacing lost or

stolen passports or visas Costs

related to emergency evacuations

or repatriation


Costs due to medical or dental



Costs due to a damaged or stolen

rental car


Plus multi-lingual world-wide

travel assistance services when

a traveler needs


to find local medical care, arrange

for emergency transportation,

track lost baggage, and more.



Types of assistance programs include:


Retail: Many assistance companies sell in partnership with insurers or direct to consumers.


Credit cards: Some credit cards offer travel assistance.


Travel industry programs: Ticket agents and tour operators will sometimes attach travel assistance to their products.


Corporate: Large-scale employers sometimes work directly with assistance companies to have their own customized plans.



When we speak about Travel Assistance or Travel Insurance, many consider this to be the same. However the reality is that they are totally different products. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they are actually very different types of coverage:


Our travel assistance service provides 24-hour care, 365 days a year, in your native language. It will take care of making decisions, and in most cases the costs are covered directly with the doctor or hospital, so you should not worry about the expenses. You can visit this sites for further information or Call us for enquires. HEALTH INSURANCE)



Insurance options have expanded to include higher medical limits, variable deductibles, and enhanced trip cancellation to include natural disasters, bankruptcy, terrorism, and other occurrences.  Some of these companies even have programs to include hazardous sports, programs for non US residents, Evacuation/Repatriation Programs, Longer Term and Higher Option Travel Medical, Trip Insurance and Global Medical Coverage.


Members can  customize insurance programs to their specific needs on per trip or annual basis. These companies have exclusive travel information section that provides travel security information, updates.


That’s why if you are thinking of making a trip, we seriously recommend you to hire companies that offer travel assistance services so you won’t have to worry about medical coverage and international care.