Travel Advisory: DC Global consultant always keep day by day updates on general travel changes and updates straight from official warning statement issued by government agencies to provide information about the relative safety of travelling to or visiting one or more specific foreign countries or destinations.


The purpose is to enable travelers to make an informed decision about a particular travel destination, and to help travelers prepare adequately for what may be encountered on their trip. For instance, in the United States, travel warnings are issued by the Department of State and are often called warden messages from international immigration updates and embassy informative changes to the public that needs attention during travel preparation and process, airline schedule,  Formal warning issued by a governmental or international organization (such as the UN) advising caution in traveling to specified destinations due to reasons such as armed violence, civil or political unrest, high incidence of crime (specially kidnapping and/or murder), natural disaster, or outbreak of one or more contagious diseases This can be term as travel warning, travel alert, or travel advisory


When traveling abroad, it is important to be aware of the safety (and health) situation in the country you are intending to visit.  While this also pertains to domestic travel, it is with international travel that most travelers find themselves more unaware of these situations.  This is where several national governments step in and provide what is known as travel advisories for their citizens.


Travel advisories are literally travel and health notices pertaining to the general safety in various foreign destinations.  They provide information and updates for national citizens on matters that may concern terrorism, public crime, civil unrest, public and personal security, disease and weather.  As such, travel advisories serve the purpose of helping to make informed decisions about traveling to and spending time in various places around the world.


Travel advisories may relate to issues such as inclement weather, security matters, civil unrestor disease.

Travel advisory can be categorized in levels and epitomized with colors.


The four advisory levels, from low to high regarding safety and security risk, are:

Level 1: Blue ‚Äď Exercise Normal Precautions.

Level 2: Yellow ‚Äď Exercise Increased Caution.

Level 3: Orange ‚Äď Reconsider Travel.

Level¬†4: Red ‚Äď Do Not Travel.


Advisory level global Map…



Who provides travel advisories?


Several foreign ministries and state departments provide travel advisories, which are published and made available online for everyone to view.  Here is a list of some of those resources.


Australia Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade…

Canada Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade…

Hong Kong Security Bureau

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office…

U.S. State Department…

Similarly, the World Health Organization keeps an online repository of national government health and safety websites.  These websites serve to notify on disease outbreaks and general health situations in the foreign destination you may intend to visit.

World Health Organization (International Travel and Health)…

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