Soccer Talent Scouting: DC Global Talent Scouting is an annual design course for soccer players to attend soccer match on behalf of sport cluzbs to collect intelligence, exhibit their talent before players, scout agents and tactical scouts. Most often, our scouts evaluate the talent of footballers with the view to signing them on a professional contract for their employments.


Scouting is now more important than ever with the globalization of soccer and the vast financial rewards garnered by results, prize money, television revenue, sponsorship and, of course, player sales. Soccer scouts often receive request from agents, peers and club colleagues, where they look for certain characteristics in a player such as speed, strength, aerial ability, and goal scoring prowess, depending on which position they play. The player’s character will also be assessed. Scouts are important because clubs are constantly looking to improve their squads, and those capable of seeking out untapped talent can make a club millions if that player ultimately helps new employers to success on the field or is sold on at several times his original price


 Recruiting Advice: Soccer Camps


* Have a positive attitude. Coaches immediately pick out the players who don’t want to be there. …

* Showcase your work ethic. If a drill is mundane or basic, don’t blow it off. …

* Wear an identifiable shirt. Better yet, wear shirts that have your last name on the back. …

* Converse with the coaches.


Intermediary services 

it is very important to know the different markets in order to offer the best options. We have agreements with clubs from around the world and offer our intermediary services to players directly to be able to offer our clients the best options.

This system provides a complete set of talent scout programs and products to bring together videos, data and information on each and every player, competition or game. All in one place! Our advanced statistics help coaches analyze and prepare matches, give clubs powerful tools to identify the most promising profiles and enable player agents to better understand their players’ strengths and weaknesses. Our Agents outline complete professional reports including all the statistics you need and organize data per football games, teams and players.


We are permanently studying the youth player market which allows us to keep fighting, despite having a budget 20 times less in respect to income [than other leading clubs]. “but we put our faith in players with great potential.”


The biggest clubs have worldwide scouting networks, with much emphasis placed on signing players at a young age. We have also develop scouting systems through a continual improvement process, with an intuitive user interface specifically designed for each sport in order to gather statistical information and manage it in real time. These systems provide the official statistics for sport competitions by our organizations.


Our Personal Services

We offer soccer players to make the right decisions in their career are


Personality Management

Ongoing career advice and development assessments

Media Management & Training

Wealth Management

Sponsorship & Endorsements

Lifestyle Management

DC Global Soccer Management & Marketing is aware that footballers often change clubs so we assist them to make wise choices and help players settle into their new club which best meets their needs.​

We also have a strong and continually growing network with clubs, managers, and FIFA Agent advisers overseas. These widen the football services we can offer to players.


If you are a professional player who is looking for representation, we look forward to discussing your career and the options available to you. Every professional footballer is aware of the key moments in their career, such as signing their first professional contract, transfers, and contract extensions. We chaperon our players at every step to achieve the best results in terms of remuneration, contract term, and career decisions.​The fact that we remain in constant contact with our athletes means that we work in a healthy relationship based on transparency and mutual trust. Thanks to our extensive network in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we are well placed to have a detailed understanding of clubs’ needs so that we never miss the best opportunities for our players.