Seasonal Jobs in Czech Republic


Getting a work visa to the Czech Republic is a guarantee of official employment in the country

 Job Vacancy in CZECH REPUBLIC.  Individual Agricultural sector are now seeking mass employees to fill available positions. this seem to be a perfect time to relocate, work and Live in Czech Republic for the duration of  employment. 

Note: A special temporary work visa is required for every employee. A temporary work visa is issued on the basis of a work invitation from a Czech employer.
Seasonal employment in the Czech Republic is employment that depends on the season which is determined by the Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

JOB TYPES :                            
Harvesting of beet, cabbage, cucumber, tomato; sorting & packaging / 18 – 45 y.o., male, female; 10-12 hour shifts / 90-120 CZK 
Planting, cultivating, irrigating, picking grapes / 18 – 45 y.o., male, female; 10-12 hour working shifts / 90-120 CZK per hour
Harvesting of strawberry, sorting & packaging / 18 – 45 y.o., male, female; 10-12 hour working shifts / 90-100 CZK per hour
Taking care of flower plants (re-poting, watering, cleaning) / 18 – 45 y.o., male, female; 10-12 hour working shifts / 110-130 CZK



Documents for a seasonal visa to the Czech Republic:

  • application form for a С-type work visa to the Czech Republic (filled out with printed Latin letters and a photo that corresponds to the applicant’s current appearance);
  • valid international passport; should be valid at least 90 days following your departure date from Euporean country and contain at least one empty page
  • employment permit to the Czech Republic containing the application number and the issuing branch of the Czech Labor Office;
  • confirmation from the employment company about the agreed wage, monthly salary & timeframes of the employment;
  • document confirming the applicant’s accommodation on the territory of the Czech Republic (if residence is provided by the employer, it should be proved);
  • non-conviction certificate – issued by the state of the applicant´s citizenship and by the state where the applicant resided in the last three years for more than six months.

(*) All submitted documents must be either in original or officially certified copies. The travel document must always be submitted in original. All documents submitted in a foreign language must be in original and with an officially certified translation into the Czech language.


Interested applicant must have the following requirements ; basic education background, be able to read, write and understand in English, must have a valid passport not less that 2 years, must be between the age 18 -40 years, must be medically fit, must be financially capable to prove financial statement excluding cost for the processing of WORK PROGRAM and Permit. applicant could be interviewed and selected candidate must submit their documents including the above and all educational and professional certificate via with the filled DC GLOBAL EMPLOYMENT FORM (STEP2 below) via Email



STEPS 1: Sign-up with DC Global –


STEP 2: Download program –


STEP3 :Order for work package by Paying a Fee ( First Half) – €1500


Package content: invitation letter for work , guarantee letter from the employer, application form. The application processing takes 30-60 days.

STEP4: Original document will be sent by courier 

Original documents will be sent to you by courier service like FedEx, Aramex, DHL, UPS. Before shipping, we will send you scanned copies by email. Tracking code will be provided.

Complete payment ( second half ) – €1500  



STEP5: Visit DC GLOBAL COMPANY OFFICE – Assist you put your documents together at a fee (Service fee) 1000Euros – 1500Euros payable by counter upon request.


After your work visa package is ready we will schedule an appointment for visa interview in the Consular Division of the Republic of Poland in your country. Submit the application IN PERSON on the appointment date and time. A short interview will be conducted by the consul on the same day.


Finally after visa is approved, you are set to leave with in 1 month. Make sure you read our company users agreement and whiles considering to apply. 


We will provide you with full support, taking into account all your individual requirements. Our services providers in Poland are provided under contract in compliance with the laws of republic of Poland. Do not hesitate to contact us if you should be interested.

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