PROTOCOL TRAVEL VISA SERVICE: This service is only available in the corporations residing country. The Protocol Travel Visa, and Liaison Services Unit is committed to maintaining excellence as it provides consistent, ethical, and high quality TRAVEL VISA services to interested clients, its been for internal and external clients, irrespective of race, religion, nationality or orientation, and at the same time preserving and protecting the integrity of the strategic vision of the DC Global Company.


The main functions of our Protocol Travel Visa Service  and Liaison Services Unit is vested with the responsibility of procuring residence IDs, multiple entry visas, tourist visas, visas on arrival, visa requests for ordinary passports, officials travelling abroad, processing duty-free privilege authorizations for international staff members, assisting with immigration formalities, and providing courtesies to high-level bureaucrats at the airport, arranging hotel bookings, and processing authentication.

The unit develops and maintains an efficient and effective visa processing system, provides up-to-date information

The unit provides airport meet and greet services for event participants and assists with immigration formalities, luggage identification, and ground transfers to hotels.


This Special Service is risk free yet quite expensive since we put together officially authorized arrangements to support excellent conclusion. Should you need this service, call and book appointment with us on or visit our