Deposit for Poland Permit processing


Work and Live in Europe with good Jobs in with your guaranteed residence permit..

This payment serve as a deposit to pay to voivodeship department in Poland for processing of your work permit invitation and facilitate company documentations and visa support document which is part of the requirement such as

Package content: invitation letter for work (D type, 12 months), guarantee letter from the employer, Travel Health insurance and application form. The application processing takes 30-60 days maximum. 



Interested Applicant should have a Curriculum Vitae(CV), Original Passport Book(Copy of all 32 passport copy), Passport Picture, and all education and professional certificate(if applicable)



Payment Procedure 

1. Sign Agreement and make a prepayment of 1000 Euros to start the process.

2. After receiving the prepayment we will give you the submission letter issued from the voivodeship department for your work permit invitation within 5/10 working days.

3. After getting submission it will take 45 working days to issue the work permit invitation.

4. When the work permit is ready we send you the scanned or photocopy by email, you will have to make the second payment of 1000 Euros.


send us an email of payment confirmation receipt  via email :


For more information contact us on Contact Us – dc global (


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