Player Evaluation

Player evaluation: This structured evaluation is a system aimed to assess the technical match performance of football players in a long-term perspective by analyzing the Technical, performance profiles of players according to five playing positions (central defender, full back, wide midfielder, central midfielder, forward) and five situational variables (competition stage, match location, quality of the team, quality of opponent, match outcome) are evaluated effectively analyzing positional and situational variables on players’ technical performance by magnitude-based inference.


Differences in players’ match performance could mainly be identified in variables related to goal scoring, passing, and organizing. These findings may provide important insights for coaches and analysts during the match preparation and training session.

Keywords: technical performance profile; situational variable; playing position; football; soccer; match analysis.

Due to the nature of complexity and highly dynamic behavior in football matches the match performance of players/teams is not only influenced by technical, tactical, mental,

And physiological factors, but also by different situational factors. Match performance of players/teams cannot be generalized in all contexts and introducing the situational variables into performance profile which can be more comprehensive and systematic. Match location, team quality, quality of opposition, and match outcome are examples of situational variables that we investigate and devise a profitable approach for each player. As players from different playing positions have different tasks in a football game, the general evaluation of all players’ match performance will result in the loss of a lot of valuable information.


THEREFORE our scouts and Agents are the most prominent figures in top-level sports industry analytical assessment of the performance of players with proper regard to the particularity of different playing positions and the effect of situational variables.