Permanent or Fixed – Term Employment: when it comes to permanent or fix employment overseas, DC Global is here to assist you to secure a job. We help our client on employment once they possess qualified skills based on request by foreign employers. We have a wide network of companies and job opportunities in most counties within the Asia continent and Europe.  Our job programs are usually fixed-term contract which is contractual between an employee and an employer that lasts for a specified period. These contracts are usually regulated by countries’ labour laws, to ensure that employers still fulfill basic labour rights regardless of a contract’s form, particularly unjust dismissal. Generally, fixed-term contracts will automatically be deemed to have created a permanent contract, subject to the employer’s right to terminate employment on reasonable notice for a good reason.


Due to the potential job insecurity that multiple fixed-term contracts may cause, employment laws in many countries limit the circumstances and the way these contracts may be used. In countries where labour law is more restrictive (compensation/indemnity for dismissal), the differentiation between fixed-term and permanent contracts tends to be clearly set out in law. Where employment legislation is less protective for the employee there tends to be a lesser degree of differentiation between fixed and permanent contracts.


Fixed-term contracts are a way they can flexibly take on staff. Fixed-term employees will be paid in the same way as permanent employees and pay the full amount of income tax and national insurance, just like permanent employees do. Contact us