Packaging Job In POLAND

Packaging job in Poland for interesting applicant who wish to work and live in Europe.

Age : 18 to 45

Salary : 1500 Euros



Interested Applicant should have a Curriculum Vitae(CV), Original Passport Book(Copy of all 32 passport copy), Passport Picture, and all education and professional certificate(if applicable) 



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Payment Procedure 

1. Sign Agreement and make a prepayment of 1000 Euros to start the process. Click this link - Pay Now


2. After receiving the prepayment we will give you the submission letter issued from the voivodeship department for your work permit invitation within 5/10 working days.


3. After getting submission it will take 90 -120 working days to issue the work permit invitation.


4. When the work permit is ready we send you the scanned or photocopy by email, you will have to make the second payment of 1000 Euros. Click this link - Pay Now


5. After receiving the second payment, the original work permit invitation package along with the employer supporting documents at your preferred address within 7 - 10 working days through DHL which the cost of courier charges is included in the above cost.


6. Once you receive the original documents you must make payment of 1000 Euros for visa documentation which is optional. Should you need DC Global Visa assistance, click this link - Pay Now


7. After submission of the document at the embassy, it will take another 15 working days for the embassy to decide on your visa.


8. After getting a visa, you will make the forth payment of 1000 Euros before coming to Poland. Click this link - Pay Now


9. If your visa gets rejected due to not justifying the purpose of stay then we prepare a document from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that helps you to re-appeal against the embassy decision and you have to pay additional 100 Euros and then we courier this document for you from Poland.


10. If you don't get a Visa, we will refund the money only if the embassy writes that the documents provided by us are false.


11. Our partner company will pick you at the airport and take you to your accommodation.


12. When you work in Poland for 2 to 3 months, our partner company will help you in getting the Temporary Residence Permit for 3 years which is renewable.




NEGOTIATION is Applicable if you consider  express  Service at extra cost of 500euros


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