Joining Soccer Academy: DC Global Soccer management has opportunities to aid athletes who either wish to join Academy, joins Academy trials (for young children below 18), and join Academy to study sports courses as a profession.

DC Soccer management requires a versatile skill set, not just evaluating players and creating a competitive team and not just budgeting, operations, and marketing.  We are a master of it all!



DC Global Soccer Management & Marketing is in constant contact with all influential equipment managers in football and is well equipped to negotiate its players’ sponsorship contracts during their career. We also work on promoting our players’ image via social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

We firmly believe that the internet can be used as a lever to make our players’ image more attractive, with the aim of attracting brands (advertising contracts) and clubs (positive media coverage). We are also committed to protecting our players’ image through our specialist lawyer (trademark registration and creation of image rights companies).​Our expertise:

*Negotiating sponsorship contracts·

* Image promotion·

* Image protection

We work closely with parents to select the training centers that best meet the needs of our players, geographically and culturally.​We maintain a relationship of trust with our talented young players and their parents, who play a fundamental role in their children’s development.​​

Our expertise:
• Monitoring sporting and academic needs
• Selection of the best training club
• Feedback to parents on their child’s development