International Migration: DC Global offers International migration assessment and documentation for individuals and families who wish to relocate to countries like Canada, USA, Australia, and other parts of Europe.


Many people are currently seeking to leave their home countries in order to look for economic opportunities in another country or for other reasons. These migrants can also be divided into two large groups, permanent and temporary.


  • Permanent migration; intend to establish their permanent residence in a new country and possibly obtain that country’s citizenship.
  • Temporary migration; intend only to stay for a limited period of time.


Nowadays, virtually all countries in the world are simultaneously shifting countries of origin and travel on migration packages which require thorough immigration assessment that allows interested travelers to do this legally.


We can help you with these legal processes and protocols to follow to qualify you for the international residency of your country in choice.


Call us or visit our head office for better discussion toward your migration concerns whether on permanent or temporary migration.