France Football Trials (FC Amiens)

 OPEN Football Trials in France 2021 (FC Amiens)

Interested applicant must submit their video clips(if available), Career profile(CV), Passport page copy with the registration fee for football Club Trial  invitation(at a cost) and will apply for their visa in their home country with support documents from DC Global (insurance, itinerary, Reservation and Cover Letter) to Process you Visa where required.


Duration for Football Trials  is 14 days (2weeks trial) only and successful players get to sign with Club. Understand Player Signing and Transfer fee is in the discretion of the Club Management.


STEPS 1: Sign-up with DC Global –


STEP 2: Download program


STEP 3: Complete payment by clicking on REGISTER NOW below and follow the steps. After receiving payment Receipt, forward the copy together with your document to the approved email:


Processing Duration : Takes 7 – 14 working days. if you do not receive response, you can contact us immediately



Club Level: Division 2 ( good players may make way to division 1)



Note: After visa, athlete or talent will buy their own ticket to meet with the club for his trials.

Cost for invitation is €1850


-Payment Can be made in Two Part where applicant pay 50%, after invitation and Visa the other part will be paid. This Terms Will Base on Request of invoice.

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