Employment Conference: The World Employment Conference is the annual event on the recruitment and employment industry, gathering senior executives of national staffing federations and business leaders of workforce solutions firms. If you’ve been trying to figure out the very best ways to position yourself for your next job, consider attending  one of these conferences for best opportunities. While there are certainly several benefits to attending these conferences, this article will specifically focus on the advantages of the conference for those who are currently looking for their next position.


Every day the world is getting smaller. As rapid advancements in technology and connectivity bring us closer together, new opportunities and challenges arise yet, despite increases in automation, the rise of AI, and digital innovation changing our industry almost daily we believe, more than ever, that the future is human. The new world of work will be defined by how our individuality, our professional integrity, and our creative spirit intersects with technology but, more importantly, how we inspire people and create opportunity.


This conferences create networking, interviewing or hearing the latest trends that are important to know about in preparation for your next interview. But to get the most from attending, you’ll want to get very specific with regards to your goals for the actual networking, interviewing and intelligence gathering you’ll be doing while you are there. And beyond these essentials, you’ll want to expand your view of the career-related benefits that can come from attending the conference.


We collaborate and build trust in a new world of work. Our collective leadership will be more important than ever before and you can shape it at the World Employment Conference











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