Contractors and Sub-Contractors Employment: DC Global Company  Limited representing a CONTRACTORassist professionals or Job seekers from all over the world to engage in contract job offers overseas or get hired by companies abroad according to job demand and vacancies available. We outsource for clients or job seekers to get employed for the period stated by contract from the employers/company. In this way, we engage SUB-CONTRACTORS” independent agent and consult to help us reach the demand target within the shortest possible time. For this reason we welcome all employment organizations who wish to contract our company in collaboration for limited or full employment and agent or agencies with same interest to supply clients who meet our demand. WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORK WITH OTHER RECRUIMENT COMPANIES ALL AROUND THE WORLD


Our company as a Contractor hunt for job opportunities worldwide and carrying demand contract out through Employment agency, private Agents, Human resourcing providers and job seeking website including social media. We negotiate deals on behalf of the job seekers to a reasonable agreement.

We put in the effort of finding both the best jobs and right qualified customer that match each other.


To explain the difference between our contractors and sub-contractor employment Having a formal policy in place that documents the entity’s position of engaging contractors (including the applicable tests for qualification) is often a good practice.


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