Casual/seasonal Employment: Our Company offers temporary, seasonal, casual or part-time employment overseas as a means to assist travelling on a short term visa or tourist and need to work to survive. This means are for sustainability, of which an employee is only guaranteed work when it is needed, and there is no expectation that there will be more work in the future. Seasonal work is usually available for a part (or parts) of the year, each year. … Casual work (or intermittent work) are works that are available from time to time, can reasonably be predicted to end or not be available for a period, is less than a year in duration and does not accrue leave entitlements.


Examples of seasonal, contract and casual work can include: • fruit picking • harvesting • shearing • fishing • consultancy work • work performed under a contract for a specific function and/or period, including sub-contracts • work in an industry affected by shutdowns • work on building sites • work that is affected by regular shutdowns—such as work in factories that temporarily shut down for the Christmas period, or for regular maintenance • work in the arts and entertainment industries • work that stops and starts with regularity—such as work in the mining or oil industry • work that is less than one year in duration and does not accrue leave entitlements • work that is known to be temporary • relief teaching or work in the health industry • non-ongoing work, or work where a period of unemployment is predictable.


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