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Derry Cunhams Global Company Limited also known in short as DC Global Soccer Management &


Marketing or Travel Consultant & Agency or DC Global Company Limited or DC Global Travels or DC


Global offers a number of International services which are;


  • Soccer Management,
  •  Travel and Visa Assistance,
  •  International Education Services,
  •  International Employment Recruitment,
  •  Travel Documentations
  •  International Tour
  •  Ticketing
  • Subsidiaries

DC Global existed as an enterprise in 2012 till June 2016 as ‘’Derry’s Job Placement Services’’. Derry’s


Job Placement services offered local job opportunity services which received numerous


recommendations, recognition’s and opportunities that gradually expanded and opened doors on the


corridors of foreign or international countries. These necessitated the need to change it name from


Derry’s Job Placement Services to Derry Cunhams Global Company Limited (DC Global) to reflect it


current status and services it offers globally.


DC Global has established a reputation in the travel industry since 2016 for offering exceptional


guarantee in any of the services it has and is providing its clients hence gradually gaining spots and


grounds in the travel and soccer industry. DC Global is noted for its top notched Quick Services,


Flexibility, Safety or Security, Reliability, Transparency and Customer Relationship services it provides.


DC Global pride itself in offering exclusive services in the regions it operates. We have well trained and


experienced consultants who offer clients with economical, practical and convenient travel solutions.




Committed to providing clients with safe and secured International opportunities and legal complete


end to end travel documentations covering all aspects of clients travel needs at competitive cost.




To be among the lead International Soccer, Multinational Travel and Tour companies in Africa and






Consultants Team


Marketing and Operation Team


Finance Team




Edu- Kick Soccer Academy (UK; Manchester)


Eurotech Sports Academy and Center (UK; Liverpool)


Noor Sports Agency (Egypt)


Step by Step Soccer Agency (Egypt)


IFX Soccer Academy ( Germany & Spain)


Belfast Queen’s University ( UK)


Just to name a few!


TRUST: We know that trust is something intangible, built and maintained through dedication.


The professional relationship we have with our clients goes beyond merely providing services.


We feel the defeats, the successes and the struggles of our clients like ours and we learn from the challenges we


face together.


Additional Information:


In addition, DC Global company limited consisting of all the various sectors concerning travel makes


Travel easier for its customers.


We available 24/7 to satisfy your needs.


Our professionalism is as result of our commitment, our integrity and the personalized service which


we offer to our client with in-depth knowledge about travel and legal migration from one country to






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